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Faith Co USDA Organic Apricot Kernel Essential Oil

Faith Co USDA Organic Apricot Kernel Essential Oil

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Boosts Radiance & Softens Skin And Hair - As a lip oil and face oil moisturizer for face, Apricot Oil enhances skin tone and brightness. It can also nourish hair. Use in your skin care and hair care routine, as a cuticle oil, body oil, cleansing oil.


Anti-Aging - With Vitamin C & E, the oil reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. Beyond being an excellent face moisturizer, it's a notable addition to your essential oils kit tp moisturize skin and hair, and to reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines.


Apply to Extra-Dry Spots - Excellent for chapped or sore skin, Apricot Oil nourishes and absorbs quickly as a massage oil. Those with nut allergies who want to experience the Sweet Almond Carrier Oil can substitute with Apricot Kernel Oil


Uneven Skin Tone - High in Vitamin E, Apricot Oil boosts elasticity, clarity, and a radiant complexion. It can work as a fine cuticle oil and blends easily into your body oil lineup for better results as it is a variant of vitamin e oil.


Deep Nourishment - With Vitamin E, it softens skin deeply and provides lasting moisture. It can replace your regular hair oil for hair growth given its deep nurturing qualities for healthy, shiny hair. Can also be used as a face serum or serum for face.

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